Cotton Sheets vs Satin Sheets 50 shades sex talk

How do escorts make their beds? Do they use cotton sheets or satins sheets? It is a bit like leather and lace. Some escorts like cotton sheets whilst other prefer satin sheets.

Satin sheets were in fashion for sometime, and all of a sudden went out of fashion but they are now making a come back, and escorts are investing in them. They are a very glamorous way of finishing off an escorts boudoir, and can look just amazing.

Satin Sheets

Old style satin sheets used feel almost like nylon, but thanks to new manufacturing techniques, satin sheets look much better and come in a huge range of colors.Originally a lot of satin sheets were black or red, but the new ones can be made to look good in any room setting.

And that is what it is all about – making escorts boudoirs look great and give them that special touch.

Cotton Sheets

Cotton sheets are still preferred by many escorts, they are easy to wash and are sold everywhere. Cotton sheets have long been used in the home, and continues to be par of traditional home ware. Egyptian cotton is very well known and has a superior finish. Most upmarket department stores sell Egyptian cotton and it makes an excellent investment as it will last for a long time.

The Problem with satin

Satin looks great but there is still one major problem. If, you are fond of wearing high heels in bed, it can tear very easily. A tear cannot be repaired, and the entire set would more than likely have to be discarded. That is a very expensive thing to have to throw a way, and this is one of the reasons many a London escort are not so keen on satin sheets.

The other problem is that satin sheets cannot be washed at a very high temperature. Hygiene is important to all escorts, and it is nice to have a clean and fresh bed. To clean satin sheets, you may have to invest in special washing powders and that is of course added expense.

When you are running a home based business you need to watch the bottom line all the time to make sure you are making a profit.

Satin Sheets a special treat

The best way to look at satin sheets is like a special treat – they can come out to play when you have a special visitor but on other occasions, they you should stay firmly in the linen cupboard.

For instance, if you are having a special party around your place, you may want to bring out the satin sheets. It will give your boudoir that special finishing touch and I am sure it will be very much appreciated.

Personally, I quite like satins sheets and when I have a special occasion or treat planned, I bring out the satin sheets. It means that I know for certain that we will have our bed to ourselves, and no one else will enter the bedroom. The candles will be lit and the do not disturb sign will be on the door.