Emotionally open woman

Why women leave men is because, they don’t feel appreciated or desired anymore by that guy. look I get it the honeymoon phase ends, and after several years of having sex and being so close to one another it can be difficult to realize how lucky you are to have somebody to share your life with. it can be far easier to nitpick the things that you don’t like about that person and try to change them or think “God of fate we’re just different in this way than things would be perfect” and all of that adds up to her feeling like who she is isn’t good enough for you, or feeling like there’s that her acts of vulnerability her acts or perhaps service in the relationship with you are just going unnoticed, and that she is invisible and that there’s really no getting through to you anymore according to Kent Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/kent-escorts.

so if you’re not complimenting her if you are not reassuring her that you desire her physically and not just physically, but mentally and emotionally and that you still want all of her and that you are creating ways in which you can express this desire, creative ways date nights maybe buying gifts maybe, it’s certain compliments that you give her that you know that she needs, and continuing to nurture her and help grow her into a more open and emotionally expressive woman. She’s going to close down and she’s going to feel that you really don’t want to be with her anymore and again she’ll go looking outside of the relationship for that need according to Kent Escorts.

Another reason why women leave men is because, the guy was no longer present with her. and maybe it’s he wasn’t present in his own life right he went through a period where he won her right, maybe you went through a period where you seduced her and you courted her and you went to this honeymoon phase of asking questions to get to know her and you were so curious about who she was and then your years into the relationship you started making this assumption that you know who she is, and that it’s boring territory and you didn’t feel the need to ask about her dreams or desires and truly get to know the more intricate pieces of who she is and how you can support her brilliance as she is becoming a more self-expressed and emotionally open woman.

the minute you stop doing that she feels like you’ve folded from the relationship, and that she’s no longer even in a relationship with a real person anymore, she’s in a relationship with a stand-in, she’s a relationship with a body there but the mind is off elsewhere we’re no longer is she the focus of your attention. she needs to feel like you’ve got a sacred part of your day a sacred part of your life carved out to continually feed her and reflect back to her who she is the part of her that needs to be seen and then she can do the same for you as well.