Fifty Shades of Grey Film Adaptation


Fifty Shades of Grey became a phenomenal trilogy, which is now ready to hit the screen. It became a best seller in the United Kingdom within just a span of three months. Despite the slack narrative devices, it became a hit to the market, which is mostly composed of women. The first book Fifty Shades of Grey is followed by two sequels, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed.

Originally written as Twilight fan fiction, author E.L. James rewrote it into a more original story. Because of its immense popularity, a movie followed after a major auction, with Universal Pictures and Focus Features winning the rights to the story. The production finished in February, after a series of script adjustments and recasting. The movie’s release was originally set for August 1, but issues in the script moved the release to February 14 of 2015. The film stars Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steel, and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. The official release of its trailer reached around 12 million hits in a matter of two days.

The rating of the movie, though not yet confirmed, is expected to be an R-rating, due to the sexual content in the story. For instance, fans are on the lookout for the hot scenes adapted from the film, which include the main character’s (Christian Grey) penchant for S&M. The producer, Dana Brunetti, admitted that they hope for an R-rating, but they are planning to make an NC-17 version as well, after the release of the R-rated film. The planned NC-17 version is catered to those who prefer a more explicit sexual content of the film, rather than the milder adaptation with the R-rating. The double release is ideal, since the profit from an NC-17 film is uncertain, due to fewer theaters that will run an NC-17 rated movie.

Although Universal Pictures and Focus Features have not made announcements yet regarding its adaptation of the other two books, there is a high probability that they will also make the film a trilogy. The production is still waiting for the response and feedback from the first film before they actually venture into adapting the next two books. However, the popularity of the trilogy is expected to demand a sequel to its first film adaptation. On another note, the sexual nature of the film may cause reservations to some readers to actually see the movie, since it is a different thing to read a novel with its racy content than to actually watch it in a theater.