How being a transgender escort has changed my life

When I joined West Midland escorts from about five years ago, transgender people like myself did not receive any recognition at all. As a matter of fact, I did not tell anybody that I was transgender even though the term was talked about within the LGBT community at the time. One thing was for certain, it was not into date transgender West Midland escorts. A couple of years ago, everything changed and it seems that everyone wants to date transgender escorts in London.


Many West Midland escorts agencies find it hard to compete these days, and I keep on wondering if they should change the way they do things. As far as I can tell, the vast majority of West Midland escorts agencies still focus on traditional services. That is okay, but as it is such a crowded market place, you really need to try to stand out. The West Midland escorts agencies which have both transgender and exotic on their books are doing much better when compared to others.


What about the transgender escorts themselves? I did not think that I would ever do as well as some of the girls I work with. When I joined this particular West Midland escorts agency, it was still them who ruled and were the most popular girls. The tide has slowly moved my way, and I am now busier than some of the straight girls at our West Midland escorts agency. It has made me wonder what the future is for us transgender West Midland escorts?


Will we see a West Midland escorts agency which only focus on providing transgender escort services in the future? Escort agencies specialising in many different fields are springing up like hot cakes all over the United States. What happens over there often comes over here within a matter of months. I am surprised that no one has as yet opened a transgender escort agency in West Midland but I don’t think that it is very far off. Would I change escort agency?


Having a transgender West Midland escorts agency up and running in West Midland would be exciting. However, I am not sure that I would leave the West Midland escorts agency that I am currently working for. Most of the girls I work with are very nice and I love being around them. Being the only transgender escort at this escort agency has its advantages as well. When someone phones up for a transgender date, they are referred to me right away. It is great for me and I am doing really well. If I left the escort agency, I would be worried that I would get lost in the crowd so to speak. That I don’t think is ever going to happen at this escort agency.  If you want to make it as a transgender escort in London, you certainly can. I think that it is going to become more popular than ever to date transgender escorts over the next couple of years.