How I survived without going to the gym on my mega cruise

When I left Bloomsbury escorts, I decided to go traveling. While working for the escort agency in Bloomsbury, I would often get a real craving for going traveling but I did not want to do it the regular way if you know what I mean. When I was still with Bloomsbury escorts, I started to check out various options and in the end, I ended up doing something very unusual. I took my suitcase and back pack and jumped on a cruise ship to Cape Town in South Africa.

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I was not looking to spend a fortune on my cruise as I did what enough money to make it from South Africa to the States. The cabin that I was in was very nice and to keep fit, I did a lot of exercises in my cabin. The girls at Bloomsbury escorts, thought that I would not be able to stay away from my midnight buffet, but I certainly managed that.

Walking was the other thing that I did a lot of during my cruise to South Africa, and by the time I arrived in South Africa, I had to buy some new trainers. That was not a problem at all, and before I jumped on the Roovos Train, I bought I had bought some fit trainers again. It was great and everyday I took plenty of time to exercise on the train. The girls back ,home at Bloomsbury escorts would have been proud of me as I walked up and down the train.

Once back in Johannesburg after having taken in a game safari at Victoria falls< I found a flight to Spain, and jumped on a cruise in Malaga which took me to the US. It was great and we had several exciting stops on the way such as the Caribbean islands of Jamaica. It was wonderful and once again, I kept myself healthy by doing lots of walking and I really enjoyed the break I got on the cruise ship to chill out a little bit. After my transatlantic crossing, I took a train across the US until I ended up in Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, I met up with one of the girls who used to work for Bloomsbury escorts. She left Bloomsbury escorts to work in the US as a bikini babe and is doing really well. In Long beach, which is sort of the port of Los Angeles I picked up a cruise to Hawaii. It was a lovely ship and as I had free Internet, I managed to keep in touch. At the end of that cruise, I did end up in Hawaii. Guess where I am today? Yes, I am still in Hawaii but I am sure that I will find a cruise out of here one day. In the meantime, I am not in a hurry to leave at all. I rather like Hawaii and it seems to like me as well. Maybe I should just stay and enjoy the local scenery.