How to Change Your Male

When you work for a London escorts company at, you fulfill males from all walks of life. You will quickly understand that there are lots of good reasons some guys date London escorts. Let me put it by doing this, there are a lot of males out there who can do with a bit of an image update. They might be very successful however they look a mess. I have actually dated my fair share at London escorts and I have to confess that I have done my fair share of shopping also.

Should you tell a male he looks a mess? I am frequently lured to inform a new date at London escorts that he could do with a little bit of an image update, however I never do so. Instead, I begin to speak about myself and how much I like to go shopping. Up until now, I do not think that I have met one single person at our London escorts company who have actually not got a toss out making me pleased. I date a great deal of guys who are very abundant and they frequently take me shopping.

If you get it right, it is pretty simple to motivate a guy to buy things for himself. Start with easy things such as his jacket and tie and you will be fine. I am uncertain that all of the gents I date appreciate what I do, but I believe that much of them do. You be amazed at how many of escorts like me to come shopping with them. By now, I could probably set up my own personal shopping consultancy and succeed.

However, it is not only the clothing that make the men. Men frequently think that the only thing that they require is a shower. Well, that being stated, I have actually fulfilled some men at London escorts who do not even purchase a good quality shower gel. I like a man who smells nice and I think that goes for the majority of women. I enjoy to help a male buy scent and grooming equipment. Gay guys are truly good at all of these things and it makes me wonder why straight men are not so proficient at it. They might really find out a thing or more from their gay equivalents.

Once you have changed your guy, you need to make him feel on top of the world. I constantly tell my changed London escorts dates that they look truly good-looking. Men like to hear that they look sexy. Sure, you can inform a man that he looks hot, however it does not last long. Inform a man that he looks handsome and you quickly have him taking a look at himself in the mirror for hours at an end. It provides a little bit of a confidence boost and before you understand it, your guy will begin to take a real interest in his looks. You will like it!