How to get in touch with your sexy side

When I worked for London escorts, I was much better in touch with my sex self. At least, I thought so. Since leaving London escorts and getting married, I think I have a hard time to get in touch with my sexy self. Somewhere in between getting married and having a child, the sexy me has been left behind some what. Now, my husband has to put up with sexy bra and knickers, and a pair of hold up stockings on occasion. Fortunately for me he doesn’t seem to mind at all. He says that I look very feminine and sexy to him.

But, I keep wondering how many other women feel that way. London escorts are always perfect. They have sexy clothes and their make up is always done to perfection. Yes, they do look great in a man’s eyes. But, how can we normal women, housewives and mothers, try to copy London escorts a little bit without going overboard. After all, it might look a bit strange to pick up your daughter from school wearing stilettos and a mini skirt. I have personally never tried but I always try to look my best. Most moms are in jeans but I do try to make an effort with my jeans, at least I wear heels.

Do women give up? Sometimes I wonder if women who have had children give up sometimes. Men like to think that they are always married to sex goddesses such as London escorts, but the fact is that they are married to real women. I am not saying that London escorts are not real women because they are – they are just on the other side of the spectrum. The thing, us stay at homes are often coping with domestic chores, sick children and walking husband’s dog.

In a way I miss the sexy London escort me days. It took me a little while to fall in love with the ex London escorts girl that I become. getting pregnant on the honey moon did not help. It was a bit like going from being a glamor girl to a person I did not really know straight away. I love my husband and our little family, but there are days when I put on my high heels and go up West shopping. I just want to feel glamorous and sexy again, and sometimes rushing around with family chores doesn’t quite do it for me.

I wonder if many former London escorts feel the same way as I do. Perhaps we should start an ex London escorts support group. We can get together about how we can manage our new found lives and cope with families. Perhaps we can even get together to do some shopping. It would be nice to go up West wearing something really glamorous and sexy. Maybe it would bring back the feeling that we had before we became wives and mothers, and started to play the many other roles that we have to play.