How to Make the Most of a Chance Meeting

have met a lot of gorgeous girls during my time, and I feel that I have missed out on a lot of special encounters? Am I a shy person? I would not say that I am a shy person, but I do worry about “protocol”. I am not sure if I should ask a girl on a date after you having known for a few minutes.

Sometimes I find that I develop feelings for a girl very quickly, but I don’t do anything about it. However that all changed when I stumbled on a group of girls from escorts in London. Not only were the girls the friendliest girls that I have ever met, but all of girls were the sexiest ladies I had ever seen. Dating London escorts is all in here in London, but although I enjoy the company of sexy girls, I must admit that I had never thought about dating London escorts. Sure, it would have been easy for me to pick up the phone and start arranging bookings with escorts in London. But, for some reason, the opportunity did not present itself. I was happy in my own little world, and dating hot blondes from London escorts never popped into my head. Of course, this was before I met Elena. She was one of the girls in the group from London escorts on that special night out.

I did not only chat to her, but out of all of the girls, I did feel especially drawn to Elena. She had the bluest eyes that I have ever seen, and then there was that very generous cleavage. Unlike other girls, she did not hide her cleavage away and my eyes just kept “slipping” to her greatest assets. Me being me, I never thought about asking Elena for a date that evening. Instead I found myself with a card in my hand giving me the phone number to the London escorts service that Elena worked for at the time. That card stayed in my pocket for a few days, until I finally got it out and dialed the number. Would I still feel the same way about this girl? I was not sure, but I was dying to find out how we would feel about each other.

As soon as I saw Elena again, I realised that we had something special going for us. Commitment I something I have always stayed away from, but it was different with Elena. I felt that I was really ready to commit, and it was not long before we were spending a lot more time in each others company. It felt like I had known her my entire life, and before I knew it, I had gone down on one knee and asked her to marry me. You can kind of say that I am a very traditional guy. Today, it seems that Elena appreciates her traditional kind of guy. She has left London escorts, and as far as I am concerned, we are the happiest married couple around.