I am addicted to dating escorts


Yes, I will hold my hands up and say that I am addicted to dating escorts whenever I visit this part of London. The girls here at Paddington escorts services are special and fit perfectly in with what I call my escorts criteria. The thing is that there are now so many escorts around that you have to be kind of selective. I used to date any girl but now I am a lot more critical and aware when I arrange a date with any escort service.

The first thing I do is to make sure that the girl that I fancy from Paddington escorts has not been enhanced at all. I am really rather blunt about it, and I just say that I will cancel the date if the girl turns out to be enhanced. To me, there is nothing as horrible as a girl who has been enhanced. A lot of them look like plastic dolls and that really turns me of a girl. I know that most of the girls like to feel good about themselves and that is why the go for enhancements. But, I would rather sit opposite a girl with small boobs instead of fake ones.

Dress code is important when I meet up with Paddington escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/paddington-escorts. It has not happen with this agency, but I have had a couple of dress code disasters. I have wanted to go out for a nice meal with the girl of my dreams, and she has turned up in a PVC dress. There is no way that you are going to get away with that kind of dress code in the restaurants that I frequent. Once again, I find that I tell the agency exactly what I expect from a date.

Now do I go incall or outcall? In the past, I have strictly been an incall guy but all of that has changed recently. My favorite incall escort at Paddington escorts was not available so I ended up dating an outcall escort. I really enjoyed the evening and it was so convenient when the girl turned up at my place instead. Now I think that I will only date outcall escorts in the future. It really was great experience and I am sure that most gents would have enjoyed it.

One thing that I never do is to stick to only blondes or brunettes. Paddington escorts have got so much to offer that you are spoiled these days. You can come across a little bit of everything and recently I have been making the most of just that. I have enjoyed dating exotic ladies and Black babes as well. If you are serious about enjoying the company of your sexy companion, it is important to know yourself first of all. Let your escorts criteria be known to the agency so that they can help you to find the perfect date. Most agencies are very good and they know their own girls much better than you ever will.