I became a victim of an abused toxic partner but stand back as a Balham Escorts  

As a human being, all we want in life is a lifetime partner that supports and love us all the way. We hope that when we find our true love, it is something magical and worth to have. Love is a feeling we look forward in life; it’s a mixed feeling of excitement and intimacy. Many people have been so much in love in life, and all they say is that you were like in a paradise when you found your right partner. According to couples, trials and challenges won’t stop you, but there will always be a reason to keep the relationship. Happy couples suggest that if you want a comfortable and lasting relationship, keep the love and trust at the center of everything. We also have heard different stories about love, if it is right, then there is terrible. Many people have been staying in a relationship that is toxic and isn’t good for themselves. Something that destroys their inner peace but they still keep working with it. Many people have kept mum and hoping their partner will change for them, but the fact is an abusive partner will never turn to you because you have allowed him to abuse and disrespect you for a long time.


My name is Karla, twenty-six years old and lived in Balham, London.I thought Love is magical and different. I thought it gives us power and strength I thought it’s the source of happiness, but I was wrong, sometimes love is not enough to stay in a relationship. I have been in a relationship for ten years with my ex-boyfriend whom I thought love me for a lifetime. Before, he had promised me sweet words and felt that he is that kind of man. He is a responsible and loving boyfriend back. He works so hard and put efforts in everything he does to trust me him. He is my high school sweethearts and never left me during my journeys in life. I have decided to say “Yes” and officially became a couple. At first, it’s like I was drowning by his love and care for me. He gives me everything that after graduating from college, I decided to live in with him. And that was not a good idea; he started to physically and mentally abuse me. At first, I allowed him to do it with me until my patience is full and dump him.


To forget and begin again, I focus myself on becoming a Balham Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/balham-escorts. I was never wrong about choosing that career, and along the way, I know the value of my worth and be picky to people who I like to enter in my life.