Is Holiday Sex Better than Regular Sex

I love to have sex on holiday as it is so much better than regular sex. Somehow sex on holiday seems to be much more exciting than sex on the home front so to speak. I don’t know what it is, but really I don’t think that the guys that I chat up after the evening shift at London escorts at Charlotte Loughton Escorts, are that great in bed. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I am tired from having worked at London escorts all night, or that I am in a hurry because I know that I have another working day tomorrow.


The thing about holiday sex is that it is a totally different experience from sex at home. Normally you end up going for a walk on the beach, and sharing a romantic meal. When you finally fall into bed with each other, you are probably nice and warm, and you have enjoyed a little bit of foreplay. When I date after a long day at London escorts, I never get a chance to do any of those things. You normally end up in a cold bed and that is not a turn on for any woman.


I also think that the sea helps when you are on holiday. Of course, not all of us go to the seaside, but many of us do. I love beach holidays as I think that it puts you in the mood for better loving as I like to say. London is not the best place to work if you are a warm blooded person like myself. I need warmth to relax and I often think that I get that on holiday when I am away from London escorts. Does it lead to better sex? I think that it does and I say to my colleagues at London escorts, it helps you to feel good about yourself.


So which are the best places to go to for a sexy holiday? I am afraid that American men do not turn me on at all, so when I have a chance to have some time off from London escorts, I never travel to America. One of the places that I do like to go to is the Caribbean. The local talent on some of the Caribbean islands is just amazing. You probably think that I mean Black guys but that is not right. Lots of nationalities live in the Caribbean as well and I really like the local Latino population.


Of course, you can go to a hedonistic resort when you really want to have some fun, and many of the girls at London escorts do. More and more exotic hedonistic resorts are beginning to open up all over the world and I love it. The fact that you can party like mad with guys you really fancy in a hot climate drives me wild with longing. The hedonistic industry has really grown in recent years and become very sophisticated. Most of the resorts now hold specialist parties and cater for groups. I have been with my Swinger group and we really had a good time. The perfect setting for some fun away from London.