Is it all about the website?

There is a lot to running a Bracknell escorts agency well says Alan from one to the op agencies. Everything needs to be perfect. Some agencies don’t pay interest to certain things like the girls boudoirs but they are important as well. A gent always like to see a nice and clean boudoir when he steps in. After all, I tell all my girls that they are providing a professional service and that it is so important that things look right. Many agencies don’t inspect the girls’ boudoirs but we do. We also take a look at the bathroom as most girls expect gents to take a shower.

bracknell’s best days 

A lot of emphasize has been put on web sites recently, says Alan. yes, I think that web sites are important as well. They are a bit like a shopping window to the agency. A gent can see what hot babes are available and find out a bit more about them. We will only use professional photographs at our agency, but I know that many use camera photos. This not a good standard and does not fit in well with Bracknell escorts services. We are an elite escorts agency and that must be reflected.

Our approach on the phones is second to none at this agency. The girls who take the calls and arrange the dates have been with us for a very long time. Sometimes gents call several times before they finally arrange a date. More than often this only means that they are new to dating Bracknell escorts. They want more information and when they feel confident enough they book the service they need. There are a lot of services available but we try to steer new gents towards one to one, or massage dates. It is important that the date runs smoothly so I make sure the gents are handled by experienced girls.

I encourage my girls to stay fit, says Alan with a smile. Correction, my girls encourage me to stay fit. Last month my doctor told me that my cholesterol is a bit too high. I told the girls when we were out having dinner and wished I hadn’t. Now, I get dragged through various Bracknell parks by Bracknell escorts, in an effort to get me fit. I have already lost weight and I am sure that I will be losing more in the near future with all of this walking.

I like to think that we are one happy family. Most of us get on very well but sometimes a new girl comes in who tries to outdo all of the others. It doesn’t work and most of these kind of girls leave very quickly. I don’t hang onto any Bracknell escorts who upset the rest of my girls. This is simply not the way it works. Some of my girls have been with me for years and that is what I look for. I want hot girls that are going to stay. I will look after them as much as I can, says Alan and puts on his sneakers. He says that he is off for a walk with Emma and Sue, and looks a bit “puppy doggish.” I wonder if they have a lead…

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