Most popular holiday destination this year

I love to plan holidays and when I am not at Barking escorts I am always look out for new exciting holiday destinations. This year I am planning to travel to Hawaii for three weeks, and I am off to book my ticket tomorrow. It is a heck of a long flight but I do have a stopover for two days in Seattle. I have been to Seattle before so I know that it is a really cool place. Not a lot of people go to Seattle but it is worth it, and I think it is one of the most exciting of US cities.

The girls at Barking escorts
The girls at Barking escorts

The girls at Barking escorts do travel a bit but not as much as I do. The US is my favorite holiday destination, and I have been there every year since I started to travel on my own. As I am a single lady, I find it easier to travel on my on and I love the fact that I can do exactly what I want to. Apart from Seattle, I love Boston and sometimes I just go there for a few days. My favorite time to go is during the tall ships sailing festival as I have a passion for tall ships.

I am not a great lover of New York but I would encourage all my colleagues at Barking escorts to travel to Los Angeles. It is a real mega city and you certainly need a car. The beaches just outside Los Angeles are amazing but you also have other places to see. Palm Springs is a great place to chill out in and I love Santa Barbara. It almost has a European feel to it, and I don’t think that enough people visit. A visit to California is never complete without a drive of the Pacific Coast Highway.

Another place I really like in the US is Chicago. I kind of feel at home there and I think it has something to do with the fact that my mom is Swedish. Lots of Swedes settle in the Chicago area, and I think the culture is still alive and kicking. Sometimes I go in the middle of winter to Chicago. Needless to say the girls at Barking escorts are not very interested in Chicago as a travel destination and most of the time I just venture to Chicago on my own.

One day in the future when I finally leave Barking escorts, I think that I would like to become a traveler writer. Taking photos is one of my other hobbies and I must have thousands of photos. I actually sell many of my photos online, and it makes me a few extra buck. Recently it has been going really well and even paid for some of my journeys. Yes, I know that I have got the travel bug and I don’t think it will go away. My mom still travels a lot so I clearly got it from her. Perhaps it is that small part in me that is still a Viking who likes to explore the world.