My Sexy part Time Job

It can become a little bit boring working for Gatwick escorts all of the time, so I recently found myself a little part time job. I just felt that I wanted to spice things up a little bit and I think that it has worked. Now when I go into Gatwick escorts, I have loads of good ideas buzzing around in my head and I have actually found inspiration in my new job. I was not really expecting to find inspiration but I truly have done.

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One of the girls that I work with at Gatwick escorts started it all off with her brother. Her brother is a bit of a computer nerd and he sat up this company called Sexy Web Cam girls. It was a really good idea and I know that this sort of thing is in huge demand all of the time. At the moment I am only doing about five hours a well, but it is given me some extra pocket money and it is something else to do.


At first I wasn’t sure that I wanted to get involved but I was looking for something to do when I wasn’t working at Gatwick escorts. I thought about other things like going into lap dancing or stripping but it would have be very time consuming. In all honesty I needed something to do which could at the same time inspire me. Web Cam girls came up so I went for that and I must that I am really enjoying it. Sure, it is totally different from working for Gatwick escorts, and I think that is what has made it so enjoyable.


A few of the girls from Gatwick escorts have joined the company on a part time basis. At first I wasn’t sure that it was going to take off but my friend’s brother is really good at promoting stuff on the Internet, so the company took off really quickly. The great thing is that it is set up in such a way that you can just log on from the privacy of your own home. That is what really works for me. I know that many of the gents who like to chat to me are on late in the evening. When I get home from Gatwick escorts, I just log on for a little while.


I am not so sure that Web Cam girls are ever going to replace my job at Gatwick escorts but I do like it. Last month I did really well at it and I built up a good clientele. It is really not that different from Gatwick escort services. You need to be nice friendly and chatty, and at the same time a bit saucy. I can manage that and it seems that many gents like my style. After all, they keep coming back to me and they seem to get a kick out of talking to me. If I had not been successful at it, I think I would have dropped and moved on to something else instead.

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