Sex for happiness

Money can’t buy love. But doing sex is better thing to do rather than making money. Sex brings more happiness to highly educated men than of those with lower educational status which roughly corresponds to economic status. Women who are sexually satisfied are also happier, no matter their age, a new study suggests. Sex is a key element to human happiness. It also generates pleasure, meaning and engagement for people.

Having more sex makes people happy. People who had sex three or four times a week earned more dough than those who had less frequent sex. Lack of sex can lead to loneliness, anxiety and depression that could negatively impact working life.

Humans must have met their basic needs like food, water, and sexual activity before they can reach into the highest form of happiness. This basic need to be nurtured and consistently productive, if not it can affect badly to a person’s disposition in life. But if it is filled abundantly there are doubts that it fills with overflowed happiness.

Better sex creates better mood. Don’t put off what makes you happy. Break big dreams into small achievable steps, and then focus on taking one step at a time. The progress makes you happy. The small steps give a chance to achieve your goals.

Sex can create significant happiness that can eliminate frustrations and negatives vibes to every endeavor that life has to offer. But do not rely your happiness to sex. Instead look for an alternative that would totally make you feel better even the absence of sex. Even though sex can offer an extra ordinary happiness it is just a factor that will boost your energy to enjoy the fun of life. There are many reasons to be happy. Explore yourself to every adventures that you think gives you a comfort like any other couldn’t give. Stay happy and choose to be happy.