Sex in school

Most teachers and schools are doing a good job in educating kids about sex but there is a lot more that could be done. I have always encouraged all of my friends, including Watford escorts, that we should teach our kids a bit more about sex. It all depends on what stage of life your kids are at. If, your kids are very young, you need to speak to them in a certain way. But, like I said to mummy Watford escorts, we also need to explain things a bit more in depth when our kids get older. This is a huge topic.

So what should schools educate the children about? Most Watford escorts thought that STD, or Sexually Transmitted Diseases, were a big must. I totally agree with all Watford escorts who has suggest this. We are not doing enough to educate our kids about STD’s and some of the are on the increase. When we talk about contraception we should also say that condoms protect against diseases and explain what those diseases are. There are many different types of diseases which can affect young people as they start exploring their sex lives so it is vital that they know and understand.

Should we talk about love at the same time? I personally think that we should talk about love. This could, and I know that Watford escorts agree with me, make a lot of kids first sexual experience much better. They will understand that it is important to have some sort of feelings towards the person they first have sex with. This could, and Watford escorts think I am right on this one as well, make an important difference to their outlook on sex and having sex. It can make them appreciate that sex is something nice and not dirty.

Why do we downgrade sex? Bad quality porn is a way of downgrading the sex act. Watford escorts have shown me some terrible private porn movies that you can view on the Internet. The things is, some kids have access to these movies and it must upset them from time to time. Perhaps, like I suggested to Watford escorts, teachers could even explain porn to their students. They are going to exposed to porn and it is better that they know and understand what it is all about. Porn does not represent real love and I really think kids ought to know that.

Sex, love and porn plus people trying to hurt them – we have so many things that we need to explain to kids these days. Life has certainly change and I wonder if childhood has to a great extent lost its innocence. It is nice to think that our kids are really innocent but they are exposed to so much these days via the Internet. As parents we try to put as many safe guard as possible in place but should it all be up to use. The Internet should not be censored but I think it should have some sort of watch dog.