Some knowledge about proper contraceptive use

In our day to day lives, one of the less used items all over the word is the female condoms. This can be a result of many adults lacking proper knowledge about these types of condoms. Others may fear that it is not protective over STDs and other sex-related diseases. People working as escorts should consider using female condoms as a way to have safe intercourse. Many adults do not know how to use female condoms. However, reading this article will provide some knowledge about proper contraceptive use. According to London escort agency.

  1. Check the Expiration Date: before opening the package make sure to check the expiration date. You want to make sure it isn’t expired
  2. Lubricating: at all times, the female condom will always be lubricated, but according to one’s interest, some more lube can be applied in addition to the application of spermicide.
  3. Wearing the condom: to wear the condom, one needs to relax and keep herself in a relaxing position, may be standing with one foot on a chair, squatting or while lying down on a bed. The positions should resemble a style of someone who wants to put in a tampon.
  4. Consider squeezing together the sides of the inner ring of the female condom, and then slide it slowly into the vagina.
  5. Make sure that the condom reaches the cervix and ensure that it is not twisted.
  6. Finalizing: pulling out the finger making sure that the outer ring is an inch outside the vagina, and after this, everything will be set for intercourse.
  7. Getting the penis inside: consider guiding the penis into the opening of the condom, and ensure it does not slide to the side of the vagina and the condom.

Female condoms have a large number of benefits as the male condoms. Female condoms can prevent pregnancy as they stop the sperms from getting into the vagina at the time of intercourse. They also help in protecting the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. This helps a woman who works as an escort be more active in preventing pregnancy as well as being infected with STIs. Female condoms are a little expensive than male condoms. However, this should not be the reason to avoid their use. All adults especially the escort workers should consider using female condoms as the best way to have safe intercourse.