The Best Exercise available

For those men and women that in need to be in a great shape, there is only one exercise that works every one of the body muscles and that exercise is sex. Although for some individuals, they have let their bodies go for many years, then the day comes, when they have a chance to engage in hot sex with an even hotter baby doll, but they have a rude awakening says Tottenham Court Road Escorts in


That is the day, when they get a rough wake-up call from their body, because they are unable to perform and it’s all because they are overweight. Often this is a blow to the self-esteem and the experience may have leave them with feelings of disappointment in themselves, being hard up and also angry with themselves. But they shouldn’t get so down says Tottenham Court Road Escorts. If you are their girl or mate, you can teach that fat boy about using sex for fat burners.


Many of you, have probably never heard anyone speaking about sex as fat burners. It isn’t anything new, but it sure feels like it the first time says Tottenham Court Road Escorts. Or even a few times after that. In fact, it is the best kept secret in all sexual romping and swinging activities. So do you want to know more about sex as fat burners? Of course you do.


It is true, vigorous sexual activities can burn calories faster than any other method of exercise. It can bring the blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature up to a maximum. Why do you think sex is called a fat burners anyway? Of course, because you can feel the burn, as your body accelerates through the hot sweaty action.


Remember, this is about fun, fucking and burning calories. So don’t let your fat boy waste his time and all his energy lifting weights, when he should be lifting you onto his cock. Instead of pushing himself to run another mile, get him to push you down on all fours and give you the pounding any hottie deserves, do it twice if you can. Tell him to stop punishing himself and do something about it. When he asks, “What can I do about my body?”


Just reply, “Start by putting your cock in my mouth, stupid boy.”


Then watch how fast that fatty will start pumping iron down your throat. This is just one of many options, but they all lead to sex as fat burners. So now your mind has been blown, go tell all your boyfriends, girlfriends and their friends, about sex as fat burners. If everyone tells someone tonight, then tells another person the next day, all of them could be having fun, fucking and burning calories by the end of the next day. Maybe sooner. So for anyone who needs to lose weight, worries about being obese, needs to lose a few pounds or maybe just has body image problems, tell them about the best exercise program that ever has been invented.