The healthy lifestyle of Lewisham Escorts



Are you hoping to adopt a much healthier lifestyle this year? You may have missed the boat as far as New Year promises are concerned, but there is still time to make changes. I would have to say that most of my colleagues at Lewisham escorts have pretty healthy lifestyles, but there are still girls who could with a little bit of help. When it comes to looking after your health, you should always think that it is better to start today than tomorrow.


You should not make changing your life more complicated when you want to improve your health. Extreme weight loss plans seldom work and they are not good for you anyway. A couple of my colleagues here at Lewisham escorts have tried and really the results have not been that great. It is much easier to implement small changes that you can easily live with. Small changes can often lead to fast results, and that surprises a lot of ladies.


One of the things that you should try to do, is to ditch the juice in the morning. Do you actually need juice? I am not sure that people do, and I don’t understand why more people don’t eat fruit in the morning. It gives your body a kick start, and you get all of that wonder fiber at the same time. Fiber is not only good for your insides, but it is good for your skin as well. The girls here at Lewisham escorts who eat a lot of fruit, do have very good skin to brag about. I am a great believer in fruit.


The other thing that you should not have in the morning, is a hot drink. It is best to finish your breakfast and have a hot drink such as a tea and coffee a couple an hour later. That will make sure that you have digested all of that goodness that you have just eaten. Having a hot drink the same time as breakfast may damage your digestion and you will not absorb as much nutrition out of your food. The girls at Lewisham escorts who started to do this, started to feel and look much better.


Ditch fizzy drinks. One of the girls that I worked with at another Lewisham escorts service a few years ago, thought that a fizzy drink would not do her any harm at all. It may not be loaded with sugar if it is a diet drink, but once again it can lead havoc with your digestion. Stop drinking fizzy drinks and you will soon notice that you will feel better and have more energy. You are also more likely to ditch a few extra pounds along the way. These are some of the easy health hacks that you can implement in your life without going over the top. You will soon notice you will feel better and that your skin will look a lot better as well. Don’t forget that we are what we eat.