There is finally some good news for romantically neglected Pisces.

According to London escorts, many Gemini struggle to find life partners. The girls at our London escorts agency say that they often end up dating Gemini that have been divorced several times. In the end, it would appear that many of them give up and start dating London escorts instead. But, it is never too late to change. If the two sides of the Gemini personality could merge, we would be more likely to see a happy contented star sign. Dating Loughton escorts at off and on may even be a thing of the past.


Talking to an elite group of London escorts, it soon becomes clear that a few of the girls think that many Gemini has a dark side. After all, this is a sign represented by two twins. Maybe one of the twins is the good Jedi while the other one is constantly fighting off the dark side. One thing that London escorts are quick to point out, is that there seems to be a lot of rivalry between the two. The dark seems to want to be good but can’t help to give into temptation.


London escorts say that more Gemini are into BDSM  and other role play games when compared to other signs. It is not clear why. Perhaps one twin is busy trying to please the other twin. This is a common conflict within the Gemini personality and one that they will have to deal with. As they have had a bit of time on their hands during the recent lock down, it would appear that they have done some thinking. One of the London escorts that I spoke to, said that her Gemini dates seemed to be more “in line” with themselves than ever before. That can only be a good thing.


If Gemini would truly like to find a true partner this year, taking control of their own personal conflict is one of the things that must happen. Forlorn Gemini have had plenty of time to think about their lives. By now they should have realised that if they want a long term partner, they need to change. The stars are indicating that now is the perfect time to do. It is not going to be easy. But, if Gemini can take control of their own emotional lives, they will enjoy the time they spend with their partners or London escorts much more.


Should Gemini date another Gemini? A Gemini will often recognise another Gemini and find that they have something in common. But, what twin are they talking to? This is what Gemini needs to find out before he or she embarks on a relationship. If you are not sure, the best thing that you can do, is to carry on dating London escorts until you come across the person that is right for you. Gemini needs to be with someone who has a solid personality and will put up with Gemini’s rather frequent mood swings which make him hard to live with.