When I got married to my husband, I left one important thing off the list.


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That was not the only thing I had not told my husband. After a rather tough childhood, I went to live in South London. I started out by working in clubs and met some really creepy guys. Not of them were really nice people so I kept myself to myself. One day, I met a nice guy and it turned out that he owned one of the best South London escorts services. He offered me a job, and that is how I ended up working for a VIP escorts in South London. I did do well, and earned really good money.

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Honestly, I had such a rough time in my life that I did not know who to trust. I did not trust my husband at first, and it took me a good few years to learn to trust him. I know that I should have told him everything, but to him I was just a girl who worked in a cosmetics department in a London department store. Everything sort of rang true at the time, and on my salary, I could indeed afford a small one bedroom apartment in Richmond. Let’s put it this way, I have really learned my lesson now.