When You Are Off Relaxing

The most valuable thing in terms of work is a day off. For me, as a charlotte London escorts, I look forward to day-offs. During those non-pandemic days, I have a lot of to-do things on my list. I see that I spend my day off as unique as it is to me ever since. I treat those days as a break from my daily work.

Considering the pandemic now, I can only have limited options on what to do on my day off. I am jealous of those working from their respective homes, for they can stay at home for work and don’t have the pressure of time to get ready and travel like i do. Most London escorts like me tend to go out on our days off as there aren’t many opportunities for us to get about and enjoy the day from morning to evening. That is why I will make the best of everything during my day off. I have made a list of my favourite things to do on my days off and each time i get an opportunity i pick one of the things from my list.
First, I came to make a sort of list of a much-needed vacation for myself. A whole week of deep cleaning, a whole week of sleep and sleep, a whole week of not talking to anyone, a whole week of not making decisions, in short, a full week of just be me alone. Though this kind of dream vacation is impossible with the type of work I choose, I still look forward to it one day.

In making my list, I consider the most important factors: pleasure, productivity, and relaxation.
For relaxation activities, I include playing a board game, cooking delicious food and host dinners with my work friends at London escorts, watching a movie, reading my favorite book. Calling a long-lost friend for my productive activities, decluttering my closet, deep-cleaning my place, doing laundry, and gardening. Lastly, for my relaxation activities, I do sleep very late at night. I make sure to nap, listen to relaxing music, do nothing, and not think of anything.

For me, those things I mentioned above make my day off more productive, pleasurable, and relaxing, for I was able to do something at home with my capabilities. There is no stress and pressure at all. As an escort, I should not do that kind of stuff during my day-offs. Instead, I do pamper myself in a spa or a salon. I am the kind of person that I don’t relax in a salon or spa. My comfort zone is at my place where I could be just myself, and no one is around with me. As a London escort, I am surrounded by different kinds of people, which makes me feel the need to be alone during my daybreak. Since I was young, I prefer to stay at home, do some errands and relax by reading books, watching movies, and cleaning the house. That is why I like to be at home rather than going out into places which I found very tiring. Doing such kind of things during my days off makes me feel recharge and ready to work for the week.