Why i became an escorts London

A lot of people often wonder why women go into this profession, they say, you have no self respect, you are allowing people to just use you, what’s wrong with you. But what they don’t understand is that being a London escort isn’t all about the sex. Naive people believe that you are just a common prostitute and that you break up marriages, all you do is visit dirty old men in the night and have sleazy unadulterated sex. What they fail to understand is that being an escort is much more than that.

As London escorts we get to keep lonely people company give them something to look forward to and for those few hours brighten up their day. Escorts London like the girls from charlotte escorts get to meet the most interesting people who for whatever reason wish not to engage in a “normal” relationship. London escorts get to go to some of the most expensive and interesting places as dates with some of the richest men in the world and for 1 night get treated like a queen, what woman wouldn’t want that.

A London escorts primary purpose is not to have sex with men its to accompany them and provide services that a everyday woman can’t. Let’s not forget the money, whilst everyone is out doing their 9-5 job that most people don’t even enjoy for poor pay, London escorts are out having fun and socialising for twice the amount of money. Personally I think that it’s a crime that people get taxed so highly, you work hard for your money so why should some take half of that away from you. I get to keep all of mine.

But what about the risks and horror stories we hear about I hear you ask. Ok, yes there are risks in being an escort in London. You are subject to being hired by a crazy guy or a jealous wife and you could come into some serious harm. But there is risk in all jobs, a retail worker for McDonalds could get scolded by the fryer when frying chips, a admin assistant could be attacked when coming home at night after work, you could get hit by a bus, there is risk everywhere.

At the end of the day to service in London you need money and the best way to get money continuously is to provide a service that is in high demand. And this is what London escorts do. Provide a service that is in high demand and charge a price for it.